In the program notes provided by Producer, Michael Popovsky, he writes, "Every year we strive to do bigger and better things at Popovsky Performing Arts Studio (PPAS) and this year is no exception." I have to agree. PPAS's production of Urinetown under the direction of Reji Woods is the most elaborate show I have seen produced by PPAS, and the cast and crew were definitely up to the challenge. This show was full of energy and incredible performances, and all involved with the production of Urinetown at PPAS should be proud of this show.

The show started off strong beginning with the first number, “Urinetown”. The ensemble in this song were energetic and animated. Playing Bobby Strong is Justin Mazzella. Mazzella is charming as the hero of this show, and his number "Run, Freedom, Run" is one of the best numbers of the show. Sydney Allen portrays the naive Hope Cladwell, the daughter of the protagonist Caldwell B. Cladwell. Allen is strong throughout the show, but her vocals in "Follow Your Heart" are incredible. Cari Walker plays Little Sally, a young girl who lives on the streets and serves as the voice of reason throughout the show. Walker exquisitely captures the innocence of this character, and she is full of starry eyed optimism. Shaun Ressler portrays Officer Lockstock a beat-cop, who also serves as the narrator of the story. Ressler and Rogan Motter, who plays Officer Barrell, are entertaining and animated in the song, "Cop Song." Karey Getz shines as Penelope Pennywise. Getz provides an engaging performance throughout the production, and her vocals are captivating in "Privilege to Pee." Daniel Weaver plays Caldwell B. Cladwell, the corrupt owner of Urine Good Company, and successfully personifies the greedy and corrupt businessman. This show was a delightful production, and the entire supporting cast deserves praise for their outstanding performances. The supporting cast include: Natalie M. Beckman, Brian Soutner, Wes Madara, Kyle McCleary, Gabrielle Dina, Kayla Klase, Alexander Millar, Randall Martin, Will Esposito, Philip Jones, Erica Fisher, Michaela Naulty, Christopher Lynch, Julia Runkle, Dory Bittle, Rebecca Goebel, Emily Evans, Jordan Klase and Amy Herr. Lastly, as much as I enjoyed the entire production, the act one finale was a standout number and I applaud Woods for his direction, Joanne Weaver for her choreography and the entire cast for putting together this energetic number.

Popovksy Performing Arts Studio does great work within the Lancaster community. I applaud the teachers and students involved at PPAS for creating this incredible production of Urinetown.  For more information about PPAS visit their website at

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