Once again Jennifer Childs and Tony Braithwaite delight audiences with their newest show at Act II Playhouse, On the Road Again. In this show Braithwaite and Childs take a look at traveling and the need to get away from it all. This world premiere comedy cabaret is a fast-paced and intelligently funny show, and it is a reminder why Childs and Braithwaite are Philly’s funniest comedy duo. 

On the Road Again, under the fine direction of Mary Carpenter, is a show that will have audiences laughing from beginning to end. Braithwaite and Childs are charming to watch as they are charismatic, have great comedic timing and strong singing ability. As the title indicates, travel and the need to take a break from it all, provide the inspiration for this show that takes a romp through a madcap travelogue of comedic scenes and songs related to tourism.

One of the aspects that make this show so appealing is that Braithwaite and Childs have inviting personalities and they are incredibly charming and talented; it is a pleasure to watch these two together onstage. They are immediately likable and have incredible chemistry onstage, plus they show off their singing and dancing skills in this production. Braithwaite is energetic and animated throughout the show and delivers spot on impersonations of notable figures and celebrities. Childs is effervescent and delightful as she talks about her family road trip memories and her love of Doris Day. The show is complete with an uproarious appearance from TB and Jenny, two over the top lounge lizard alter egos, who sing a bevy of popular songs to recount the ups and downs in their relationship and stage life careers. Childs and Braithwaite are strong throughout the production, but this skit is always hilarious and embodies their ability to breathe life into their creative comedic characters. Additionally, I need to mention one more person involved in this production and that is the pianist, Owen Robbins. Robbins provides strong musical accompaniment throughout the show and offers interesting facts about travel. On the Road Again is the perfect show to get away from it all, and I must admit, during this show is the most I have laughed in a theatre all year.

On the Road Again runs at Act II Playhouse through January 31, 2016. For more information and tickets visit their website at www.act2.org or call the box office at 215-654-0200.

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Final Thought: On the Road Again at Act II Playhouse is a fast- paced comedy cabaret that is a reminder as to why Jen Childs and Tony Braithwaite are Philly’s funniest comedy duo. Don’t miss the chance to see this show that will keep audiences in stitches from start to finish of the production.

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