The month of December is the time of year in which everyone seems to be rushing about to check things off their “things to do list.” This time of year, when the bustle of the holiday season is upon us, we can all use a bit of holiday cheer and some time to sit back, relax and be entertained. Behind the Music: Holiday Tunes at Act II Playhouse is wonderfully suited for this time of year. This show, under the direction of Matt Silva, entertains audiences as it tells the stories behind holiday standards through the show dialog and songs.

The first thing that audience members will see as they enter the theatre is a remarkable set designed by Maura Roche. The set is reminiscent of a holiday television special or a holiday card. It is beautifully detailed and immediately creates an environment of holiday spirit. The set is the perfect backdrop for a show that tells us the history behind popular holiday songs and it will immediately put the audience in the holiday spirit. 

The cast of Behind the Music: Holiday Tunes is vibrant and energetic. Sony Leo and April Woodall captivate the audience with their singing, dancing and sharing of stories and fun facts about their favorite holiday songs. Leo perfectly sings, “White Christmas,” and his rendition of this song will warm your heart and bring images of a frosty snow filled Norman Rockwell picture to mind. Woodall is spectacular as she gracefully performs “O Holy Night.” The part of this show that really tugs at the heartstrings is the segment in which Woodall and Leo tell personal stories about their favorite holiday memories. The stories that Leo and Woodall share are heartfelt, and will lead members of the audience down memory lane to reminisce about their own favorite holiday memories. As much as I enjoyed this production, I felt the storytelling in this show was beautifully done. Behind the Music: Holiday Tunes is a show that will enchant audiences and remind people about their favorite holiday music and traditions.

Behind the Music: Holiday Tunes runs at Act II Playhouse through December 27, 2015. For more information and tickets visit their website at or call the box office at 215-654-0200.

Photo Credit: Bill D'Agostino

Final Thought:  Behind the Music: Holiday Tunes at Act II Playhouse is a show that will brighten your holidays and warm your heart. This show is infused with good stories, familiar holiday songs and charming performances. Sonny Leo and April Woodall delight audiences with their fine performances.

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