Found: A New Musical Comedy is a rare gem in the musical theatre lexicon. This musical is currently onstage at Philadelphia Theatre Company, and it is inspired by Davy Rothbart’s magazine, Found.  It is a show that is intriguing and unique, and audiences will leave the theatre learning more about the magazine and the founding motivations behind it.  In addition, it is a heartfelt and honest story about humanity, and celebrating the emotions that connect us. Found at Philadelphia Theatre Company is clever, bursts with energy and is truly a spirited delightful show.

The musical, Found, is based on the true story of Davy Rothbart, who one day found a note on his car, that was meant for someone else.  It inspired him, and his two roommates to share with people the strange, hilarious and touching notes people found in unexpected places - on the street, in the trash or on a napkin. The point of collecting these notes is to give a glimpse into someone else’s life and possibly give us a deeper sense of connectedness to those around us. The musical is based on the inspiration behind the magazine. The book for the show was written by Hunter Bell and Lee Overtree. Eli Bolin wrote the music and lyrics. One of the aspects of the show that makes it unique is the way the show uses actual notes submitted to Found magazine to provide backstory and asides throughout the show. The musical is a fun and entertaining show that is a reminder of the importance of communicating through tangible writing.

Under the direction of Lee Overtree, Found, is an enthusiastic and exceptional musical that will keep audiences amused and laughing throughout the entire show. Playing the role of Davy is F. Michael Haynie. Haynie infuses the perfect combination of heart and uniqueness into his role. He drives this story with a mix of enthusiasm, compassion and charm. Mickey D., one of Davy’s roommates, is played by Juwan Crawley. Crawley has great energy onstage and offers warmth and human compassion throughout the show. Alysha Deslorieux plays Denise, another of Davy’s roommates, who also provides the voice of reason throughout the show. Deslorieux is excellent in this role and gives Denise a strong personality. Erika Hanningsen plays Becka, a television producer who becomes involved with Davey. Hanningsen is wonderful as Becka, and her scenes with Haynie are genuine, and their song, “Looking for Love” is strong. Rounding out the cast is a group of actors who play several roles throughout the show and give commentary on the action in the show by reading items that have appeared in the magazine, Found. This group of talented actors are: Christina Anthony, Andrew Call, Orville Mendoza, Molly Pope, Sandy Rustin and Graham Stevens.

The cast performs on a raised platform on the stage that also is surrounded by walls full of notes. David Korins designed this set. The projections of the notes that appear onstage during the production were designed by Darrel Maloney. Connor Gallagher serves as the Choreographer. Theresa Squire designed the costumes. Justin Townsend is the Lighting Designer and Jason Crystal is the Sound Designer. Additionally, Matt Castle is the Music Director.

Found: A New Musical Comedy runs at Philadelphia Theatre Company through December 11, 2016. For more information and tickets visit their website at or call the box office at 215-985-0420.

Photo Credit: Mark Garvin

Final Thought: Found at Philadelphia Theatre Company is a charming and clever musical about finding notes and the emotions that connect us. The cast for this show is charming and they all give incredible performances. Audiences will fall in love with this show, and Found will have people smiling for days after they see this musical.

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