The Lancaster Community has such a great variety of live performances to enjoy. Everyone can find some kind of live theatre to experience in Lancaster. Last weekend I had the privilege to see one of Opera Lancaster’s productions. It has been a very long time since I have seen an opera, and this opera was an absolute delight.

This past Saturday Opera Lancaster presented Meanwhile, Back at Cinderella’s. This opera is an show that is appropriate for children, but also for the whole family to enjoy. Meanwhile, Back at Cinderella’s takes the classic fairy tale from the Grimm Brothers and turns it on its head. The opera opens with a narrator (Andrea Kurnat) telling the classic fairytale, but then she meets the actual characters from within the story and realizes they are nothing like how they are portrayed in the classic fairy tale. The stepsisters, Daphne (Lindsay Fijalkowski) and Ariadne (Kayla Klase) are virtuous. They are sweet and beautiful and want to marry. Most of all, they are not evil. Cinderella (Jamie Duca) is nothing like the character that Disney or the Grimms portray. She is not charming, and she has self-esteem issues. The fairy Godfather (Thomas Mertz) is not very good at magic, but does manage to convince Cinderella to go to the Prince’s Ball. Consequently, the prince, Prince Dimmly (Jordan Shomper) has doubts about himself as well. At the Ball, he and Cinderella do get along well. Rounding out this cast of characters is Harold the Herald (Brian Bonanno) and Filbert, Cinderella’s father (Ewan McCall).

James Billings and Dennis Arlan wrote Meanwhile, Back at Cinderella’s and this opera combines the styles of opera and musical theatre. Kristin Sims is the director of this production and she does a wonderful job with the show. In addition, Joan Allan serves as the accompanist for this production. Andrea Kurnat plays the narrator and she does a fantastic job at communicating the changing storyline to the audience throughout the show. Lindsay Fijalkowski and Kayla Klase portray the virtuous stepsisters with grace. Jamie Duca provides innocence to the character of Cinderella. Despite Cinderella’s character flaws, she is still the belle of the ball. Jordon Shomper plays Prince Dimmly and he skillfully personifies how the Prince does not want to conform to what society expects of him, such as taking part in dancing at the Ball. The entire cast did a wonderful job with Meanwhile, Back at Cinderella’s. They made this new telling of the classic fairytale come to life with energy. Opera Lancaster should be proud of this production. In the future, I hope that I get to see more of these talented young performers on stage.

Opera Lancaster is a wonderful organization within Lancaster that provides high quality performances. I was thrilled to be able to see one of their productions. I highly recommend going to see one of their shows. The next production that Opera Lancaster is producing is Faust on May 10 -11, 2013. Visit Opera Lancaster’s website at for more information.

As published in the Adventures of the Artful Blogger on April 16, 2013 on the FIG Lancaster website.

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Reagan says:
April 18, 2013, 10:12 AM

My visits to Lancaster have been few and far between in the past, but this article has given me reason to hop in the car and make my way to the city more often. Thanks!


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